Hi, my name is Indy.

I’m a PHP developer based in Birmingham. I offer a range of other services such as Web Design & Development, Linux System Setup & Administration, Code Review, Consultancy, and Logo & Design. With a broad skillset & knowledge of both front end and back end technologies, I’m currently seeking freelance clients both short-term and long-term.


Specialising in WordPress Development, I have 8 years experience developing in PHP and MySQL, designing and building WordPress websites & Plugins, together with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Not limiting myself to WordPress, I’ve worked a number of projects ranging from simple brochure style websites, to a fully bespoke CMS system and front end applications. I work with clients both on an ongoing basis and one-off projects.

In my spare time, I work on personal projects that help enhance my toolkit of knowledge. I’m currently working on some personal projects using a PHP framework called Laravel.


Below you’ll find a list of my available services. Feel free to contact me if what you’re looking for isn’t listed here; i’d be more than happy to recommend other freelancers with experience in other CMS’s such as Drupal and Shopify, or other PHP frameworks such CakePHP and Zend.


I primarily code using PHP with MySQL/MariaDB as the database for my projects, along with Git for version control.
I work on a range of development projects, anything from modifications to an existing system to building a new piece of bespoke software.

Plugins & Scripts

I can add extend and add new functionality to an existing website and can development scripts that can automate many manual tasks that you may carry out on a day to day basis running your business. Anything from automated appointment SMS notifications to automatic data sorting and processing.

Linux System Admin

If you can’t justify a full time member of staff to manage your system, I can take on this work for you for a monthly fee. Under my management, all your applications would be stay up to date, with all security patches being applied upon release.

Code Review

I offer an independent review of any PHP software before or after launch. If you have a PHP application that requires technical knowledge to critically evaluate the work, I can review the project on all aspects including security, maintainability, and compatibility with other languages and libraries.


I offer managed Linux hosting for all web applications of any size. Whether you have a small WordPress blog, an e-Commerce Store or a bespoke web application; I can create a tailored hosting package for your needs. I primarily host with AWS and SiteGround with the option being dependant on your application.


If you’re looking to register a new domain but you’re not sure where to begin, I offer free advice and support where needed. If you’d like me to carry out the task on domain registration, I offer this service with a small fee.


I tend to work with clients either on a short term contract, or on a long term/ ongoing period often spanning multiple projects. Several of the clients in this list have been with me since I started freelancing in 2011.

Not only providing services for new and established businesses, I have also worked with a number of agencies as an added boost to their in-house resources. I have also had the pleasure working on some private projects for high net-worth individuals, create algorithms and tools suitable for the financial industry.

Client: Instagrow.me
Project: https://instagrow.me
Services: Consultancy, Development, Hosting
Scope: Create landing page to showcase services, integrated Stripe payment gateway using the Stripe API. Written in PHP using an existing design, with HTML, CSS, and JS making up the front end.

Client: Easy Living Property
Project: http://easylivingproperty.com
Services: Consultancy, Design, Development
Scope: Develop a web application used to manage and showcase portfolio of properties, with live ajax search. Written in PHP using WordPress as the CMS and MySQL as the database.

Client: Vista Centre
Project: http://vistacentre.co.uk
Services: Design, Development
Scope: Brochure website to showcase services, with live ajax booking system and availability checker. Written in PHP using WordPress as the CMS and MySQL as the database.

Client: Bordesley Park
Project: http://bordesleypark.co.uk
Services: Design, Development, Hosting
Scope: Brochure website to showcase venue with ajax booking calendar and custom WordPress plugin built to manage leads. Written in PHP using WordPress as the CMS and MySQL as the database.

Client: TRB Events
Project: http://trb-events.co.uk
Services: Design, Development
Scope: Brochure website to showcase services, built using PHP, with WordPress as the CMS and MySQL as the database.

Client: Olympus Foods
Project: https://olympusfoods.co.uk
Services: Design, Development, Hosting
Scope: e-Commerce store used to promote and sell goods online, delivered direct to the customers door with Stripe and PayPal as the payment gateways. Written in PHP, with WooCommerce as the eCommerce System, WordPress and the CMS and MySQL for the database.

Client: The Social Associate
Project: https://thesocialassociate.co.uk
Services: Design, Development, Consultancy
Scope: Brochure website to showcase services, built using PHP, with WordPress as the CMS and MySQL as the database

Client: Risk Management Trade Panel
Project: Forex Trading & Investment
Services: Design, Development, Consultancy
Scope: Design and develop and trading platform that assists Forex traders with their trading system. Built for Metatrader 4 and 5 using MQL4 and MQL5.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to know more, or speak about a potential project then feel free to contact me using the form & details below.


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